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Interview with ReCycle

Based in Imphal this alternative band is regarded as the most successful of today’s rock music scene in Manipur. With soft vocals and clean instrumental sounds they represent among the true sons of the soil. Young or old, a great band to listen to.


Recycle Music Band
Recycle Music Band

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Club Muzik:The making of Recycle?

ReCycle:ReCycle came into existence in November 2006 with a common urge to bring the musical landscapes of 90’s grunge, Alternative and funk flavor to the Imphal music scene.


Club Muzik:What do you want to see in a fan, say Recycle fan?

ReCycle:We would love to see in our fan who could connect to the band musically, love for who we are & stay loyal to the journeys ahead.


Club Muzik:Your music is a contrary to the current aggressive nature of metal bands in the country. But rightfully we feel that Recycle has made a place of it’s own apart from the various trending bands. Share us how a band can achieve such an honor?

ReCycle:ReCycle is an alternative rock band with a touch of funk element to our sound. We do have a core belief in our band. We stay true to our music with dedication,devotion and action which help us in the long run.

Recycle Music Band
Recycle Music Band performing on stage


Club Muzik:Every musician has the slightest difference or perfect uniqueness in it’s music no matter how similar they sound like. What is it in Recycle the rest don’t create?

ReCycle:Every band has its own style of music,taste & approach. We do have our kind of music which we can call our own but we can’t comment or compare with the rest and the interpretation is left to the listeners.


Club Muzik:How do you differentiate a rock artist like yourself from a Hindustani artist in the local scene?

ReCycle:Hindustani artist are like they are into mainstream culture where as we are part of the sub-culture which is not too mainstream.


Club Muzik:Apart from Recycle what all are your favorites in music?

ReCycle:We are all inspired by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix,RHCP,Incubus,Coldplayjust to name a few & we do love the local acts like The Imphal Talkies,The Dirty Strikes,The Koi.

Recycle Music Band - CDs
Recycle Music Band – EP


Club Muzik:In a music making industry the production quality matters a lot to come up with a good and well-crafted sound. Tell us what you would suggest to other musicians in Manipur to come up with quality production?

ReCycle:We would love to suggest a good recording studio along with a sound engineer who can communicate, co-operate and work with the kind of approach your band would like to have and expect him to help technically in the recording process in order to get the right source to maintain quality production. The recording process is what matter and should be the prime focus in order to get the right kind of sound so the source from the guitar amps, microphone positioning & stuffs needs to be check. So, once the recording process is done with proper care you can do the mixing & mastering anywhere depending upon your budget.


Club Muzik:How do you write your music and lyrics?

ReCycle:All our music and lyrics comes spontaneously. Sometimes a bass line would come up or a guitar phrase while we are jamming or during rehearsal before a gig and the idea turns into a song. It all comes naturally but it’s not actually plan and sometimes the lyric comes all of a sudden so we just write it down.


Club Muzik:How do you maintain your music instruments to keep it in good shape at home or for a liveshow?

ReCycle:Just keep in hard case in case we are going for live show. We do have sentimental value to our instruments so we just take good care and maintain to keep in good way.


Club Muzik:What are your expectations while playing at a live gig?

ReCycle:We do expect good quality production like sound, lights and stage from the organizer. We always try to connect new fans while playing at a live gig and we are grateful that most of the gigs we played are paid so far.


Club Muzik:Share us the people behind each members of Recycle who made you all into music, like who allsupported or trained you in the beginning?

ReCycle:All of us are self-taught and we didn’t had formal training from early on. We are inspired from our elders from early age to get into music and we thank our elders, families and friends for all their continued support and guidance.


Club Muzik:To you what is perfect timing for a band?

ReCycle: We do exist like a family and we are all aware of the highs and the lows of the band so far. We always enjoy the moment of the journey through this band and the perfect timing would be like when we all function like a collective soul or together as one unit.


Club Muzik:The busiest person in Manipur is……………………..? (Fill in the blank.)

ReCycle:God knows.!

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Questions & Revised by: LukhendroKeisham
Co-ordinator: Ithoiba Potshangbam
Produced by: ClubMuzik
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