COHSEM chairman berates principals for being oblivious to CCE scheme


IMPHAL, August 19: The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) system, introduced some years ago to change the system by evaluating to incorporate every aspect of children aptitude during the time they spend in schools is unfortunately not understood by principals of some schools in the State, stated Council of Hr Sec Education Manipur chairman Dr Hamom Nabachandra.

Nabachandra was speaking at the observance of the 9th Private School Day which was organised by All Manipur Recognised Private Schools’ Welfare Association, Imphal.

Alleging that they didn’t even know what CCE stands for, he said the CCE scheme is good for the improvement of students but if misused it can bring the downfall of students in their academic careers.

We will be discussing the pros and cons of CCE along with various intellectuals of the State so that concerned authorities can come up with a better alternative, he added.

Accusing some teachers of giving good marks to students even though the students are not good in studies, Nabachandra said such a culture only gives a bad reputation to teachers and cripple the students instead of doing them any good.

The Council takes students from both the government and private schools equally, he said, and developing the schools in city areas only will not prove conducive for a good education environment because it can be only achieved by developing the schools in every nook and corner of the State.

The government is trying hard to send good teachers to every nook and corners of the State for improving the education system in the State, he said.

He added that most of the educational institutions in Churachandpur and Imphal, and the Don Bosco School in Maram render good education to the students.


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