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Condolence to late Ramkashing and Mayopam at Delhi

Condolence to late Ramkashing and Mayopam


MSAD is organizing a candle light condolence tomorrow (31st August 2014) in front of Delhi University Arts Faculty Gate at 5p.m., to condole the death of RamkashingVashi and R. Mayopam in police firing today, 30th August 2014, at Ukhrul. MSAD  extends invitation to everyone to kindly attend the programme.

Venue: Arts Faculty front Gate (Delhi University)

Date: 31st August 2014

Time: 5 pm


Press release on the condolence as follows:


Condolence to Ramkashing and Mayopam
Raise up for a peaceful world order against repressive regime


This day, 30th August 2014, will be another day to be remembered in red ink in the history of the politics of dissent and violent suppression. Ukhrul have lost two of its dearest soul and many have been injured while raising up for a human cause. In this regard, the Manipur Student’s Association Delhi raises the banner of justice and;

  1. Condole the killing of RamkashingVashi (s/o L. Christopher Vashi of Teinem Village, Ukhrul), and R. Mayopam (s/o L.R. Hangyui of Teinem Village, Ukhrul) in the course of police action to suppress the mass demonstration in Ukhrul today (30th August 2014) that was organized under the aegis of the United Naga Council. May their soul rest in peace and we express our heartfelt grievances to the loss with the family, relatives, friends and dear ones.
  2. Condemn the brutal repression that had to led to the casualty of AS. Pamshang of Ukhrul Town, Chanreiwon of Teinem Village, Khanreingam LK (S/o Yangmi LK of Leiting Village), L. Somiwon of Shirui, NingkhanLuikham (S/o David Luikham of Kongkan Village), RamchanngamHoram (S/o HelpsonHoram of Kharasom Village), ShangkahaoKeishing (S/o (L) Thomas Keishing of Thoyee Village), SK. Raingam of Kachai and many others.

Having observed the law and order situation in Ukhrul over the last few weeks, we have come up with the following observations, that;

  1. The scheduled mass protest was well planned and the administration was formally or informally aware of it. The mass demonstration was politically motivated and it was carried out in the context of the pent up resentment against the imposition of the Criminal Procedure Code Section 144 and the subsequent deployment of commandoes and IRBs, since 13th July 2014, which have been done as a response to the killing of Mr. NgalangzarMalue, an Autonomous District Council member of Ukhrul District by unidentified gunmen on 12 of July 2014.
  2. If the government have been committed to the peace and democracy of people; between 13th July and 30th August, there have been considerable time for it to come up with some practical political initiatives towards peaceful understanding with the people of Ukhrul. It seems to us that there have been lack of initiatives towards a workable peace process. Unfortunately, the government have followed its usual practice of militarization and repression of the voice of dissent.
  3. Therefore, what was happened today, was the repetition of ‘State Terrorism’ that have been systematically carried out without restraint for the last many years in the Imphal Valley and many other areas.
  4. This particular trend of governance is undemocratic and inhuman.

We, therefore;

  1. Strongly condemn the government for its failure to peacefully handle with the tense situation in Ukhrul.
  2. Express our suspicion about any hidden agenda of the Government to ignite social tension as a safety valve to divert away the attention of the people from certain genuine larger democratic issues that the government had failed to address to.
  3.  Appeal the progressive civil societies in Manipur and beyond to collectively fight against State terrorism in any form under any pretext.


Manipur Students’ Association Delhi

30th August 2014



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