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Jiri College gears up for intense agitation

JIRIBAM, August 2: Jiri College Employees Association of Jiribam has warned that the association will launch intense agitation if their demand for higher pay scale is not fulfilled by the State Government before August 10.

Speaking to the media, the assistant joint secretary of the association N Robindra Singh stated that Jiri College, which is the only college in Jiribam Sub-division, has been grossly neglected by Government of Manipur. He said till today, the employees of the college are being paid the pre-revised higher secondary pay scale.

Robindra added that there are 12 aided colleges in Manipur, among which the Jiri College is the 7th college. Except for the Jiri College, the remaining 11 colleges’ employees are paid degree college pay scale. Five colleges which were recognised as aided college much after Jiri College got its status of an aided one, are being paid degree college pay scale lamented Robindra.

Earlier the association had petitioned the Education minister highlighting the matter in November 2012. But there has been no response from the side of the Government, he added. The association will wait for the Government’s response till August 10 before launching intense democratic agitation.



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