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KCP greets people on anniversary of armed wing

IMPHAL, August 12: The Kangleipak Communist Party has greeted the people of Manipur and the armed wings of the outfits under the CorCom on the 10th anniversary of the outfit’s armed wing Miyamgi Fingang Lanmi which falls on August 13.

A statement signed by chairman Military Affairs Committee, Miyamgi Fingang Lanmi has said that India is trying to suppress the movement using both by fair and unfair techniques.

It said India is trying to mislead cadres of the movement using several unfair tactics.

At the same time, several counter revolutionary groups have also emerged standing against the movement and the people. The acts of such counter revolutionary groups not only aid the tactics of India to suppress the movement, but such acts have also turned the people against the movement, it continued.

The statement also said that India has been trying to divide the different communities residing together in the land since time immemorial.

It continued that foreigners have been flooding into Manipur, and today their population have taken over the local population.

The statement continued that unless the people of the land unite and face the issue, it wouldn’t be long before the indigenous population is totally wiped out.

The outfit has also congratulated the sportspersons of the land for bringing home may medals and laurels.



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