KCP (MC) calls 12 hour curfew on Independence Day


IMPHAL, August 10: The proscribed Kangleipak Communist Party (MC) has called for a 12 hours public curfew on the August 15 Independence Day. A press handout signed by its Secretary, Information & Publicity Paikhomba Meitei said the day marks the transfer of colonial hegemony. 

The release however said fire service, water supply, ritual service, electricity, print and electronic media are exempted from the curfew. 

It maintained that the plan for colonising Kangleipak was hatched much before the British left India, by the then interim government of India. 

Sardar Patel, who was the home minister then, took the main initiative along with other Indian figures like Nehru, Krishna Menon, VP Menon, Rajagopachari and along with their colonial master like Mountbatten, it said. 

Further it said, the Standstill Agreement between the British India and Manipur was signed under the initiative of Patel, on the ground of false affinity of Aryan blood between the two. No sooner, on August 15, 1947 the imperialist British transferred its colonial hegemony to a country called India, while Manipur was already an independent entity at that time.

In 1948, India tried to bring Manipur into its fold by proposing Purbanchal, which was not successful the statement said. 

Further taking cue from Germany’s Bismark, and with political blessings from its former colonial master, Britain, Patel along with VP Menon deceived the king of Manipur, Bodhachandra, and coerced him to sign the Merger Agreement on September 21 1949. 

The Agreement was challenged by Irabot’s insurrection of red army in the 1950-51s, it said. 

The statement continued that Nehru had warned of the danger of such insurrection as a threat as the Northeast region has greater affinity in terms of race and customs with China and the rest of South East Asia region. 

Thereafter, Kabaw Valley was gifted away and draconian laws like AFSPA was imposed in the region. Considering subsequent outcome of step motherly treatment and the past glory that we once had, let us carry forward the freedom struggle by giving impetus to the Sino-Indo-Burman regional unity, added the statement. 


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