Locals rebuild road


THOUBAL, August 19: The Sangaiyumpham Part-2 Cherapur Mayai Leikai Sallam Makok area road under Thoubal district has been rebuilt by the local people which has been left ignored by the government for a long time.

Speaking to media persons, a spokesperson said reconstruction of the road led by social worker, Aslam Raj has stated that the dilapidated condition of the road has been ignored by the government for a long time.

He further stated that during construction of Sangaiyumpham main road, the government had completely left their road which is around 500 m long untouched.

Despite repeated appeals has been made to the local MLA, ZP members and Pradhan, no works were taken up. He also stated that the road which is full of deep holes is being used during Imphal-Moreh bandh at Wangjing area.

Due to accidents that had occurred in the road and discontentment by the people, the locals had started repairing of the road, stated the social worker to the media.


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