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Manipur Maoist to boycott Independence Day

IMPHAL, August 8: The proscribed Maoist Communist Party of Manipur has stated that it will boycott the August 15 Independence Day of India. 

A statement signed by its secretary publicity and propaganda, Nonglen Meitei, has said that there is no rationale for the colonised people Manipur to observe the Independence Day of India.

The party has charged the two bodies of the Education Department, that are Education (U) and Education (S) for intimidating students to take part in the marching ceremony on Independence Day. 

It said, besides intimidating the students, they even arrange new clothes for the students to be worn during the march past competition. This gives the education department an opportunity to siphon off huge amount of money in the name of buying uniforms for the students, it added. 

The statement has warned the two bodies of the Education department and as well as the students to avoid taking part in the August 15 Independence Day observation. It further said that any kind of movement of the people has been dealt with repression. Therefore, the time has come for the people to ponder over the reason of taking part in the Independence Day observation of India.

Further, it said the Indian State has been responsible for creating a divide between the different communities of Manipur, who have been living together as brothers since very long time ago. The party has also expressed solidarity to the people of Myanmar on its occasion of 8888 peoples’ uprising day.



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