Maram assualt incident already resolved: ZU and MU


KANGPOKPI, August 17: The Zeliangrong Union and the Maram Union had resolved the physical assault of Ringsanbou Newmai through the court of customary law, said the two unions today.

A statement of the two unions said that the case that lasted for about 20 days after the incident at Maram was finally settled by the two unions through symbolical meal coupled with customary rites of deciding a good omen offered by the warden of Josephine hostel.

It said during the settlement meal, Champonbou, chairman, ZU, Tamei Zone exchanged the plate of rice on behalf of the victim Ringsanbou with the hostel warden and also fed each other with a piece of pork meat to signify that there is no long any animosity between the two parties as well as to imply that there is no feeling of communism between the two tribes but as brothers.

Though the case was resolved on August 13, the final ceremony was performed today at the Zeliangrong Office, Senapati Zone, below Broadway in the presence of Amu Kamei, Zeliangrong Union (Assam, Manipur, Nagaland) president and his executive colleagues, Raisong, Maram Union, president and his executive colleagues, elders from ZU as witnesses Tumchabou, ex-chairman, Senapati Zone, and G. Namdon, ex-acting president ZU (AMN) from the victims side and RK Peter, former MU, president and Karaihing, Maram Khullen Circle Board, chairman from the side of Hingba Mathew.

Eminent student leaders, social and religious leaders both from ZU and MU were also present to attain the final ceremony, it said.

Prior, to the concluding ceremonial meal, Amu Kamei, president of ZU (AMN), expressed regrets for the absence of the victim’s family and also the interference by the students and youth organizations but strongly reminded that the decision by the two apex unions of Zeliangrong and Maram would be final and binding as it was with lots of meticulous examination and hearing that the verdict was pronounced and published.

The president of the three states of Assam, Manipur and Nagaland, Zeliangrong tribe also ascertained that the case is closed once and for all. Raisong, president, Maram Union said that it was the first of its kind of physical assault to have set blood between Zeliangrong and Maram tribe, but urged that such ugly event be the starting point to a new beginning of positive relation between the two tribes.

The ceremony concluded with sharing of the meal.


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