MHFW directs newly appointed RIMS director to force open his office room within 24 hours


Imphal, August 27: The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has directed RIMS director Dr Ch Arunkumar to open the room of former director Dr Sekharjit in the presence of Deputy Director (A) and representative(s) of the local police and District Magistrate.

The directive however served notice to the dismissed director, Dr. Sekharjit, through the newspapers, to come on his own accord to open the room so as to prevent the earlier alternative.

A directive from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (North East Section) states that news may be published in local newspapers to the effect that former RIMS director Dr Sekharjit Singh has kept the office room of RIMS director under lock and key on August 26 and his whereabouts are not known.

The directive said, Dr. Sekharjit is thereby informed through the newspapers that he should come and open the office room of the RIMS Director within 24 hours from the publishing of the news in the newspaper, failing which the room would be opened by the current Director in the present of Deputy Director (A) and the representative(s) of the local police and District Magistrate, added the directive.

The directive said the matter has been considered carefully in the ministry and it has been decided with the approval of Secretary (H&EW) and action may be taken immediately.

The directive also said an FIR is to be lodged with the police station and the District Magistrate informed of the incident. A copy of is also to be sent to the District Magistrate with a request for permission for opening of the lock of the office of the Director, RIMS Imphal.


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