MPP stages sit-in protest demanding ILP implementation


IMPHAL, August 4 : The Manipur People’s Party staged a sit-in protest demanding the implementation of Inner Line Permit at the Manipur People’s Party Office near the Polo ground today. 

Speaking to the media MPP president Nongmeikapam Sovakiran Singh said that due to the non-implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur, many non-indigenous people or migrants from outside the State and many foreign nationals (Nepalis, Bangladeshis and Burmese) who have been coming to the State have now settled in the State and claim they are locals and are also shown in the statistical data of the Manipur population in the ratio of 3:1 at the 2001 census. 

He further said that by virtue of such migrants from foreign countries and other neighboring states, Tripuris in Tripura have now lost their indigenous rights and customary laws as they are now in a minority in their own State. 

The Manipur Peoples’ Party, therefore, feels that the long history and culture of indigenous people of Manipur which is more than 2000 years old will vanish very soon if the Inner Line Permit System is not implemented in the State of Manipur immediately, he added. 

Sovakiran also stressed the stand of MPP vis-a-vis implementation of ILP and stated that it continues to urge the government of the State to restore the ILPS in Manipur immediately and also to protect the rights of indigenous people of the State. 

The Komrem Mother Association stated that it supports the ongoing movement of ILP implementation in Manipur.

According to a release of the association, it said that if the system is not implemented small communities will become extinct. It demanded the implementation of ILP or a similar system in the state.

It also condemned the brutality of the police force against the students and further appealed to stop such act in the future, it said.

Our Bishnupur Correspondent adds: A sit-in-protest cum public meeting was staged today at Keinou Thongkha Community hall of Bishnupur district demaind ILP implementatio.

The sit in cum meeting was jointly organised by Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) of Keinou Thongkha Chnura Lup, Keinou Thongkha Makha Leikai Meira Lup and Keinou Thongkha Chaokhat Khongthang Lup.

Tondang, Advisor of Apunba Kanglei Sinnaibi Lup (AKSIL), spoke at the meeting participated by around 100 women from different organisations of the locality. 

Slogans were shouted by the demonstrators demanding ILP implementation in Manipur and demanded the release of Arjun Telheiba, executive member of JCILPS, and other 28 members.

Several other demonstrations were also held at Heirangoithong, Kakwa Pechu Lampak, Konung Mamang, Sagolband Meino Leirak Maisnam Ningthomba Leikai, Haobam Marak Irom Leikai, Kwakeithel Mayai Koibi, Kanto Sabal Leikai, Sekmai Bazar, Keinou Thongkha, Kongba Uchekon, Thoubal Tangjen and in other parts today.


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