One voice, for peace!


By RK Lakhi Kant

Kingly authority, and ruling
without war equipments, is better;
Non-dependence on the ministers,
with no disrespect to their wisdom.

Voting is altogether different;
Can’t ask a layman to vote
on matters beyond his
capacity to understand.

Politicians do not have the
substance to explain
most or all things; political
propaganda is a hoarse call.

Intellectualism should take risks;
True intellectuals are beyond
the concern of politics;
Never within its ambit.

Intellectuals, comment on
social inequality; is it unavoidable?
Give free instructions
on any matter, importantly subjugation.

Non-political, non-profit
ideals can solve
the problem of pseudo ruling,
as is prevalent nowadays.

Kinship is important in monarchy
but no to dynastic rule,
seen as in India for long;
Nothing to do with the kinship of yore.

Righteous and liberal kings
like Raja Harishchandra are examples
in affairs of the state and community
in India; revive such sentiments.

We are wasting our time on
nuclear options and high-end
retail trade, even in foodstuffs,
just because everyone else is doing it.

How can nationalism grow
where one half works to
hurt as much as possible
the other half; voting leads to this.

Is this the intellect
the lawmakers uphold?
Cut throat competition not required;
More compassion, kindness, and service attitude.

Brotherhood is not seen – so much
is the overriding concern with ourselves;
In a city of millions
there is an undercurrent of
savage competition.

We want a free country, freshly
awakened and wisened from
the past ages of sufferings: a new morning,
a new daytime, and a new evening.


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