Promotee veterinary officers receive depleted pay scale


IMPHAL, August 11: Reports have emerged that altogether 40 Grade-III veterinary officers have been deprived of their actual pay despite being promoted from Grade-IV in the Veterinary and Animal husbandry department.

According to official sources, the said officers were promoted as per the Manipur Veterinary Service (MVS) from grade-iv to grade-iii by a DPC conducted by the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) on February 14 and 18, 2014.

Moreover, it is learnt that on March 4, transfer and posting for 35 officers were effected through Treasurey Rules-I (TR-1), while the remaining others had reached their retirement period on March 1, 2014.

In total disregards to the norms, the officers were deprived of their actual pay grade (Grade-III) for the past six months and have continued to receive MVS Grade-IV in their “pay-in-slip,” informed the source. 

The answer remains elusive as to why the concerned Drawing and Disbursing Officer (DDO) has failed to acknowledge the legitimate MVS Grade-III pay and allowances for the promoted officers.

The grade pay scale of the MVS Grade-IV is Rs. 5,400 while the grade pay for Grade-III is Rs. 6,600.

In this regards, the Accountant General (A&G) Manipur has also intimated the under secretary (Vety&AH) and the director concerned seeking validity of the promoted MVS grade-III officers on May 19. 

However, the department concerned failed to give their response, claimed the source.

Given the circumstances, many have raised their eyebrows whether the head of the departments are acting on their own will beyond regulations.


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