Raise Manipuri language to classical status: Dr Nara


IMPHAL, August 20: We have to raise Manipuri to the status of a classical language now after its inclusion in the 8th Schedule, stated Dr Moirangthem Nara. He was speaking during the 23rd celebration to mark the inclusion of Manipuri language in the 8th schedule today at Irabot Bhawan.

Emphasising that as no demands can be met in India and Manipur without any agitation so the ongoing agitations need to be continued, he said that the Manipuri language need to be improved to the status of a classical language.

Recently, Bangalore University has opened a B. Ed course in Manipuri language and during November this year we are trying to organise a Manipuri cultural festival in the University, he said adding that negotiations are going on with the University authorities for the permission to conduct the festival.

Dr Nara said that students must be made to understand the importance of raising the Manipuri language to the status of a classical language with well concerted effort.

Meanwhile, Ningthoujam Mangi said that Irabot founded the Manipur language Sabha during a time when Sardar Patel decided to declare Northeast India as Purbanchal Pradesh.

But Irabot opposed the decision knowing fully-well its dire consequences in the future, he added.

After the inclusion of Manipuri language in the 8th Schedule, it can now be spoken in the Parliament house like other schedule languages, he said adding that this all because of the handiwork of Jana Neta Irawat.


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