RIMS director office still locked


IMPHAL, August 28: The office of the former director of RIMS, Dr S Sekharjit, still remained locked despite instruction from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India to break the office open.

According to a highly reliable source, the deadline to break open the office of the RIMS director was not expired till the end of day as the Ministry issued the instruction late in the day and it reached the RIMS only late yesterday evening.

Moreover, the same source informed that the action requires official permission from the concerned court.

It may be recalled that the Ministry reportedly conveyed the new Director of RIMS, Dr Arunkumar to break open the former director, Dr Sekharjit’s office, kept locked despite the official changes.

However, the very abrupt development resulted in confusion and legal complications leading it to a deadlock, the source said.



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