Sekmai locals seize truck for violating ban on sand mining


IMPHAL, August 19: Volunteers of the Sekmai Protection Committee have seized a sand- loaded truck for violating the ban on sand mining from quarries on the river bed of Sekmai.

According to Sekmai Protection Committee president Kh Rajesh, a joint team of volunteers from Sekmai Protection Committee and Advanced Women Society, Sekmai caught a truck (bearing registration number MN-06T 0242) loaded with sand during a regular checking of various sites in the Imphal River after restrictions were imposed on sand mining in the area since June 1 last.

The driver of the seized truck is identified as Chanambam Ibocha from Iram Siphai and the truck belongs to Deven Warapam of Leimapokpam, Rajesh said.

The driver stated that he and the truck owner were not aware of the restrictions on sand mining and stone excavation from the Sekmai area, he added.

Rajesh said, “Today, we got news that some trucks and labourers were seen working in the area. So, the committee visited the site and asked all the labourers to return back from the site. However, all the sand collected was seized.”

Pointing out that the committee has already written a letter to both the District Collector and Superintendent of Police, Imphal West to take measures for enforcing the order issued by Forest department for restrictions on sand mining and collecting stones from quarries on the Imphal River, he said however no action has been taken up so far and that has resulted in such incidents in the area while also appealing to the government to look after the matter.


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