TNL questions continuance of 144 CrPc in Ukhrul town


By R Lester Makang

UKHRUL, August 28: The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) has Thursday expressed strong suspicion at the motive of the State government in continuing the promulgation of Prohibitory order under section 144 CrPc for a prolonged period in Ukhrul district headquarters.

In a press communique signed by its general secretary K Dickson, the apex Tamgkhul body has said that the Tangkhul community was perplexed to witness the obstinate stance of the Government of Manipur towards the prevailing situation in the district, adding that imposition of the act in the district has completed 46 days.

“On 26th August 2014, the Deputy Commissioner / District Administration has clearly stated in the local dailies that the Ukhrul public are maintaining calm, whereas he also noted that there are no incident of confrontation or any sorts of violence between the public and security forces. Then, why is the GoM still hell bend on continuing with the prohibitory order in the district headquarters? ” the statement questioned.

Asserting that Tangkhul community felt that there could be ulterior motive to persist on with the imposition of 144 CrPc Act and continuing deployment of additional security forces, TNL has said that it was imperative on their part to make the statement clear that the Ukhrul district is peaceful and has no civil disorder.

“And therefore there is no need for the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) & State Police Commandos to be stationed in the district headquarters in the name of peace and security,” the statement added.


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