Unchecked influx alarming if migrant population has surpassed tribal population: RK Anand


IMPHAL, August 4: Naoriya Pakhanglakpa MLA RK Anand stated that it is a matter of great concern if it is true that the migrant population has surpassed the population of indigenous tribes.

Terming the unchecked influx of migrants as alarming, the Naoriya Pakhanglakpa MLA who was speaking in the sidelines of his visit to his local Assembly constituency said that the Inner Line Permit issue which has now became a raging issue was not necessary during the time when Manipur was a princely State. 

Outsiders were allowed to enter the State but it was regulated so as not to pose a threat to the demographics of the State, he said adding as a princely State, the entry of outsiders were regulated by a certain law but that law got repealed after the merger with India when the then Chief Commissioner Himmat Singh declared it null and void on 1950. 

Stressing that after the merger with India, the influx of outsiders has grown exponentially in Jiribam, Chandel and Churachandpur, Anand said these outsiders claim to be indigenous people but they are not Manipuris. 

According to clause 1 D and E of Article 19 under the Indian Constitution, any citizen of India can move freely within the territory of India, he said, but there are exceptions under the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation, 1873 under which people from other parts of India need a permit to enter the States of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram. 

It was not extended to Manipur because the State was not a part of India at the time of its implementation, Anand said.

Citing the resolution taken at the Assembly which put to question whether the provisions under Article 19 is valid if the survival of the indigenous people is at stake and what measures can be taken to stop the indigenous people from being swamped by outsiders, he stated that the Assembly took a similar resolution again assuming that the State government can take the decision of implementing the Act. But after thoroughly re-examining the matter, we decided to urge the Central government for implementing the ILP Act, Anand added. 

He said that after a thorough analysis of Article 19(e), it was learnt that the State can make certain restrictions on this right for protecting the interests of the general public and tribal communities.

Stressing that all the 60 MLAs who are representatives of the people of the State are determined on the issue of ILP implementation, Anand said the issue got sidelined due to the problem created by NSCN-IM problem in the State. 

We mobilised our forces to drive out the NSCN-IM from the State because ceasefire is not extended to our State, he added. 

Appealing to the members of the State BJP to play a crucial role during the meeting with the NDA government, he said that the Chief Minister’s statement on the ILP issue during the recent Assembly session is important because he urged all the agitators demanding the implementation of ILP, civil societies, the people and all political parties of the State to join hands in taking a collective decision on getting the Act implemented. 


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