Women are mirrors of a society: Ak Mirabai


IMPHAL, August 6: A 6-month vocational training course given to female jail inmates concluded with the distribution of participation certificates by Social Welfare minister AK Mirabai today at Manipur Central Jail. 

During the function, Mirabai said that those women who have spent their lives in the jail are not inmates by choice but landed there because there were led into the wrong paths. Despite being in the jail, the female jail inmates have responsibilities of maintaining their families and hence the vocational training was provided to 15 female jail inmates in the first phase of the programme, she added. 

Pointing out that the training will be provided to more women inmates in subsequent phases, Mirabai expressed her optimism that the training would be of some help to the inmates to augment the incomes of their respective families after their return to the mainstream. 

“Women who are the mirrors of society are extremely important in any society. Without women, no society can exist,” she emphasised. 

She said the vocational training programme was organized with an aim to ensure self-earning jobs to the female prisoners.

Mirabai encouraged the female inmates to look forward to a new life after their stay in prison and to never follow the wrong paths again while assuring them of providing maximum help after their return to normal life with various departmental schemes. 

The six month vocational training course for female jail inmates for their rehabilitation was sponsored by the Manipur State Women Development Co-operation Ltd, Imphal. 

The 15 inmates received their certificates from Mirabai. Social Welfare director Dr Rangitabali Waikhom and Manipur Central Jail SP BGO Lein Mang Jail were also present at the function.


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