Academics from MU put their opinions on ILP before the all political party committee


IMPHAL, September 15: The Committee on ILP constituted by members from all the political parties in Manipur closely examined the expert opinions of academics from the Manipur University for implementing the Inner Line Permit System in Manipur.

The third sitting for the committee on ILP was held from 2 pm till 4 pm at the Manipur Assembly Secretariat. The meeting was chaired by deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam and was attended by convenor RK Anand and various other political delegates.

Today, the committee deliberated upon the opinions on the implementation of ILP of academicians from Manipur University such as Professor Y Nabakumar of the Department Anthropology and Professor N Joykumar of the History department and their suggestions on how it can be implemented.

The two experts have submitted their opinions and suggestions before the committee while also giving a lecture on the ILP issue. Later, the committee asked for the written note to be submitted to them. But the expert committee requested for a few more time to prepare the documents properly.

According to a reliable source, the observation or expert opinions from various experts in the legal field and others for implementing ILP will continue till September 17.

It added that the representatives of the High Court’s Bar Association will give a lecture before the committee on the legal ways for implementing ILP in the State the next day.

The All Manipur Bar Association representatives will give their statements or comments on the issue to bring an amicable solution. The comments and opinions from the experts will be thoroughly considered by the committee, said the source.


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