Devson says he is not against JCILPS


IMPHAL, September 9: Devson Yengkhom, brother of additional SP Yengkhom Victoria has clarified his stance on the present uproar over his alleged assault inside the JCILPS office yesterday.
In a statement, he said he was in his office in Singjamei when one of his contractual workers, a non-Manipuri ran inside the office being chased by a young person intimidating and assaulting him, and when Devson intervened immediately to inquire the reason, the young person replied that the non-Manipuri was not co-operating in verification, said a press statement by IFD Designing, Construction and Manufacturer.

The press statement said that in a while a group of persons turned up with camera but Devson was trying to calm the situation and urged them for no violence and to stop trespassing and taking pictures, afterwards, the matter was amicably resolved when Devson discussed the issue with one of the senior members of the group and but later he was asked through his assistant to meet the organisation in their office.

Devson went to meet the members of the organisation on September 8 expecting to clear apparent misunderstanding through peaceful talks but contrastingly there was a pre-plan and he was locked inside a room and attacked brutally with blunt objects on his head and back and even threatened to kill him without giving a single chance to explain on his stand, said the press statement.

It said, Devson’s assistant was also assaulted but somehow he escaped and rushed to the sister of the victim, Addl SP Y Victoria and when police reached the spot, the victim was unconscious and he was immediately rushed to hospital and he is still undergoing treatment for grievous injuries.

Devson Yengkhom reiterated that he is against violence but not JCILPS and further clarified that he has never mentioned his sister’s official occupation to intimidate anyone and the instant reaction by his colleague to ask her for help was obvious, said the press statement.


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