ICM director defies transfer notice citing daughter’s exam


Inquiry finds fund misappropriation and violation of service rules by director

IMPHAL, September 8: Incumbent director of the Institute of Co-operative Management,(ICM) Imphal, Dr Kh Somorendro has been found misappropriating funds according to an inquiry conducted by the National Council for Cooperative Training (NCCT).

The inquiry report maintains that Somorendro has failed to ensure timely depositing of fees collected in respect of of BBA,PGDCA and PGDBM programs for the academic year 2012-13, an amount to the tune of Rs 6,75,200. This is in violation of the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules.

During his tenure, the director has also employed casual contractual staff in defiance of the directions of the Council. He was also involved in purchasing 40 gift items amounting to Rs. 18,000 without inviting quotations and also for a camera worth Rs 35,438 from New Delhi without consulting the purchase committee, the inquiry officer points that such actions lacks integrity and is conduct unbecoming of a government servant.

Somorendro was also accused for utilizing two type IV quarters as store rooms and depriving two faculty members of living in the campus and also resulting in loss of revenue to the institute.

According to an official information to the Union minister of Agriculture, New Delhi by the chairman of ICM, Lamphelpat L Tompishak Singh on June 6 last, the charges made against the director has been proved as according to the inquiry being completed on December 2013.

The NCCT has also issued order to withhold two increments to Somorendro for a period of three years as a punitive measure. The chairman also charged the director of arbitrary encashing Rs 14 lakhs under cheque number 587723 dated 30/4/2012 from United Bank of India, Lamphelpat branch from PG account for purchasing desk top computers during the period of 1/04/2012 to 31/12/2012 and which is not permissible under the financial rules.

The director has a power to encash only Rs. 10,000 in a day. The chairman appealed the minister and transfer Somorendro from ICM, Imphal in public interest.

Later, in a notification by the NCCT deputy director Ashvini Sharma on July 21 last to the ICM management committee, Dr Somorendro has been ordered for posting as an associate professor at VAMNICOM, Pune with immediate effect.

It also mentioned that the directorship is to be handed to Joychandra Singh. Despite the orders, Somoendro has not relinquished his post and had further applied for extension of his service. The said application was replied by the same deputy director Ashvini Sharma, that his letter dated 22/07/2014 was not acceded to and to comply with the transfer.

Somorendro had taken leave from office for some time and did not heed the transfer re-notification. This was reflected in another letter by Ashvini Sharma on 31/07/2014 that his permission to leave headquarter and sanction for leave are different issues. It mentioned that the director is trying to twist the cases and playing tactics to consume time in delaying to join his new posting place.

There also has been subsequent letters to the director general of NCCT from the ICM chairman, Tompishak to relieve Somorendro of his directorship post and to his posting at Pune.

The Manipuri Students Federation (MSF) in a letter to the Agriculture minister also mentioned that Somorendro has been at ICM for 22 years and enjoys immense powers. He has flouted the transfer orders by taking casual leave and to avoid joining his new post. The MSF alleged that the delay is done with collusion with higher authorities of the NCCT, in particular the executive head with whom Somorendro has a close nexus.

It mentions the reason cited by Somorendro to the higher authorities for extension of his directorship is that his daughter’s exam falls on August 30, 2014. The Little Flower School exam schedule concluded on August 9,2014.

The IFP in adherence to the ethics of media also approached the director for his clarification. He had assured that all necessary clarification will be available on Sunday last with proper documents. Till the filing of this report, there has not been any hard-copy documents made available.


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