IOC officials find PCTC fuel fit for sell


IMPHAL, September 6: Even as the State government has started rationing of fuel in the State in the wake of the blockade called by the United Naga Council, people have complaint of bad petrol quality being distributed at the PCTC Oil Pump North AOC.

However, after checking the petrol sample from the tankers of the pump, officials declared the fuel to be fit for selling to the public.

Following complaints of the oil pump selling bad petrol, a team comprising of two officials each of the IOC and the CAF & PD visited the oil pump to check the quality of the oil today.

It is also learnt that the officials had locked oil tankers of the oil pump yesterday itself and opened the same today in front of the media who were already present at the oil station today.

Two asst directors of the CAF&PD Md Iqbal Hussain and M Jayenta

Singh along two asst managers of the IOC T Dharambir Singh and L Ranendrajit Singh visited the petrol pump today.

The IOC officials check the petrol samples taken from the tanker and then announced that the petrol was fit for selling to the public.

A pump staff said the oil retailer was there to render service to the people and one should not try to take away petrol in jerry cans or jars during times of scarcity.


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