JCILPS activists hold migrants


IMPHAL, September 7: The women’s wing of JCILPS caught 15 non locals and presented them before the media at the head office of JCILPS today.

JCILPS women wing programme coordinator Nameirakpam Chingkheinganbi told media persons that the members of JCILPS women wing with the JCILPS Task Force Committee carried out a drive at Mayai Lambi line.

She said members of the women’s wing and Task Force Committee came across the construction workers in a construction site at Sekmaijin area and found them carrying ID cards issued by a local club while frisking them.

The local club issuing ID cards to the migrants needs to verify their identities properly, she said, adding that Rising Knowledge Club, Khoyathong have issued the ID cards by charging them Rs. 200 each.

Continuing that the club is issuing ID cards simply by charging fees without verifying any documents of the migrants, she advised those non locals carrying proper documents to refrain from venturing in distant places within the State to avoid untoward incidents.

Meanwhile, the Students’ wings of JCILPS were enraged after they were treated badly by the owner of Tashi Interiors, Singjamei while frisking nonlocal employees of the shop.

JCILPS also organised sit-in protests and public meetings at Singjamei Makha Model Club Community Hall, Kongba Uchekon Sunlight Library Club and Arapti Mayai Leikai.


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