JCILPS in a stalemate with all political parties committee on sharing expert opinions


IMPHAL, September 22: State deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam today assured the Joint Committee on Inner Line permit System to set up a flying squad under a designated police officer to monitor migrant entry, said committee convenor Ibotombi Khuman.

Gaikhangam has also assured to register all hired labours brought into the State with the Labour department, he said.

The committee today met with the All-political parties committee on ILPS at the New Assembly complex.

Ibotombi however, expressed that today’s meeting should not be referred to as the second meeting between the government and the JCILPS as the all-political parties committee is not representing the government.

The JCILPS had met the State government represented by the Chief Minister and his deputy on September 19.

Following today’s meeting, Ibotombi called a press conference at their Nongmeibung office.

He said 15 members of the committee were present at the meeting with the political parties committee chaired by the deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam.

The JCILPS kept some points before the deputy Chief Minister led committee for their consideration. The points include the Act which was prevalent in the State before 1949 before merger with India, among others, he said.

He said the JCILPS urged the government to check the illegal influx of migrants into the State, even as we wait for an Act or law to be implemented.

He said the JCILPS had asked for a copy of the opinions and suggestions of the legal experts and academics submitted to the political parties committee, which the latter refused citing that the suggestions are confidential as it would have to be submitted to the government.

The political parties committee however, asked for opinions and suggestions from the JCILPS so that it could be incorporated in its report to the State government, he said.

He said any further meeting with the political parties committee is possible only if the JCILPS is provided a copy of the suggestions of the experts or the political parties committee submits its report to the government.

We are working for the people and want to be transparent. We don’t have any legal experts so we would first like to see the suggestions of the experts and then discuss it with the people, he said.

Co-convenor Khomdram Ratan said implementing the ILPS needs a strong will on the part of the government.

If the implementation of any Act or law in this concern is under the purview of the Centre, than what is the purpose of forming an all-political parties committee in the State, he questioned.

He said implementing the ILPS is a must for which the politicians need to show some political will.

The population of non-locals in the State has today reached a staggering 10-lakh, where the indigenous population stands at a mere 17 lakh, he said.

The second round of talk with the government will be only after the political parties committee submits its report, he said.

It is unfortunate that the All-political parties committee and the JCILPS seem to be on different sides of the fence, he said before adding that if the political leaders are serious than they could pressurise the Centre to work out a way on the issue.

There are also reports that photo studios are indulging in making fake id-cards for non-locals which is unfortunate, he said before appealing to all to desist from such illegal thing.


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