JCILPS student wing imposes curfew on movements of migrants


IMPHAL, September 11: The Joint Committee on Inner Line Permit System (JCILPS) students wing has strengthened its demand for suspension of additional SP Yengkhom Victoria by imposing an indefinite curfew against non-locals from moving out on the streets, opening their business establishments or from coming in or leaving the State.

Co-convenor S Subashchandra said the curfew will be imposed until Victoria is suspended and the arrested members released unconditionally.

Speaking at the Kwakeithel office of the Students’ Union of Kangleipak, Subashchandra said the government’s declaration of indefinite holidays for educational institutes is an act to suppress the movement of the JCILPS student wing demanding ILPS in the State.

However, the government will not be able to suppress the movement, he asserted.

Condemning the government decision to close down all schools, he said such act cannot suppress the movement; it will only lead the students on the wrong path.

With frequent closure of schools, the government will not achieve anything other than unfinished syllabus for the students, he condemned.

He said in his Independence Day speech, the Chief Minister had declared that students should not be harmed and that even during the times of war, students are left alone; however, in Manipur commandos are let loose on students, beating them assaulting them mercilessly, he added.

The government in collusion with Victoria is trying to derail the movement demanding implementation of the ILPS in the State, he said.

Demanding the unconditional release of the 12 arrested members of the committee, he said just for an altercation with Victoria’s brother, they have been arrested and charged with Sections 368, 384 and 34 of the IPC.

He said the committee as has been charged by Devson has never committed any act of ‘goondaism’ or made monetary demand.


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