Jiri AMSU finds teachers with fake certificates


JIRIBAM, September 19 (JNN):  The AMSU Jiribam Committee in a press meet today at 4 pm, stated that it found several government lecturers not belonging to Jiribam holding fake document and fake TET certificate. It questioned how they came to be included in the selection of Jiribam sub-division Lecturers, Graduate teachers and Primary teachers.

The committee has appealed to the Education Minister and the student organisations to look into the matter.

The meeting was attended by President of AMSU, Y. Sanjiv Singh,District Committee Jiribam, DESAM Local Council, Jiribam, K. Babuloo Singh and KSA President, U. Roven Singh.

Although the students organisations extended its gratitude towards the Manipur Government for providing the needed teachers, it however found that complaints of fake TET certificate holders and non-locals without proper valid identifications were included as part of the selected teachers for the sub-division.

The committee has further appealed any further appointments for the teachers should be withheld till the issue has been solved.


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