JSCC wants immediate re-opening of schools


IMPHAL, September 11: The Joint Students Coordination Committee (JSCC) has demanded the State government to quash its earlier order declaring indefinite holiday for educational institutes in the State and to allow the schools and colleges to open by tomorrow.

JSCC convenor Th Premanda speaking at a press conference at Kwakeithel condemned the government’s order declaring indefinite holiday for educational institutes and said the order amounts to violation of the Rights to Education Act.

Further questioning the act, he said such strategy has been used in the State since many years back, but none had ever been effective.

How long will the government continue with such action, he questioned and mockingly added that if closing down of educational institutes bring amicable solutions to problems then all educational institutes should done away with from the State.

Such action could only encourage more unwarranted reactions, he condemned.


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