Life-hacks: Creative solutions to life-problems


By Tinky Ningombam

Sometimes, not all things in life comes with a manual and that is why we have life-hacks. We call life hacks, those nifty tricks, tips and solutions that help make us do things easier in our everyday normal life. There are things that you need help for and there are things that you think you can handle and then land up calling for help. Starting from small innovative tricks for house-keeping to heavy duty chores such as repairing electric circuits or handling tools. Being a fix-it person around the house means having the improv skill and creativity to solve problems on the go.

It is funny when you come to think of it that every house has a designated Fix-it person, the one with in-borne skills for home solutions. Like how mothers always find your lost things. And as wise men say “it is not really lost, if your mom has not search for it.” Honestly, it is definitely a plus to be a fixer-upper especially if it is running chores around the house. Fixing an electric circuit, on the other hand, definitely requires a specialist. Let us be modest here, not every-one is a “born survivor” like Bear Grylls from Man Vs Wild. Talk about ultimate hacks!

These past few years, living on my own, I have come to realise the importance of how small hacks help save a lot of trouble. I am all in for DIY projects and have been scouring the internet for new things to try all the time. I am sure everyone have pulled a few at least once in their life-time and especially for people living alone, these things can actually truly be a great knack. Today, I will list few of the interesting tricks that can help save the day as well as help you make your claim as the quintessential life-hacker.

Here are my picks:

1.     If you have dropped your phone in water, put it in a zip-locked plastic bag filled with rice and keep for a couple of hours. The rice will absorb the moisture.

2.    New shoe pinches? Wear large socks and put on your new shoes and gently blow dry them where it is tight from outside for about 5 minutes.

3.    To check if your gas pipes are tight around the joints, put a little soapy water on the sides. If it bubbles, then there is a leak.

4.    If you run out of shoe polish. Peel off a banana and rub your leather shoes with the inside of the peel and wipe off with a soft cloth afterwards.

5.    Banana peels also works wonders to whiten your teeth, polish the scratches off a CD and to polish silverware. It also helps to cure bruises: just put the banana peel on the bruise for about 15 minutes.

6.    Use the airplane mode on your smart phone while charging to make it charge faster. Also, put it on while playing mobile games to turn off irritating in-between ads.

7.    Use a pencil eraser to rub off a scratch on your LCD screen. Rub alongside the long end of the scratch until it disappears.

8.    If you need to chill something really quick. Put ice in a zip lock plastic bag along with the can/bottle/packet that you need to chill and put a handful of salt. Take caution and handle with gloves or wrap a towel around it and shake.

9.    Use your mobile phone to take pictures before you dismantle something. For instance, if you are disconnecting wires from your electronic device, like a desktop computer, just refer to the picture to know which wire to go in where.

10.  Use the mobile camera to click a picture of the number of the bus/taxi/auto/vehicle you are getting on to and mail it to your spouse/friend/guardian if you are travelling long distance.

11.   If you are calling people over to your house for a party, click a picture of your house with your phone and send along with your address.

12.   Also, click a picture of the person and the item that they have borrowed from you. It will be easier to remember to collect them.

13.  If you are working out in the gym, prepare a playlist on your i-pod/ phone/ shuffle to last exactly the same time as your work-out regime. This will save you from constantly checking out the time on the machine (which can slow down your workout)

14.  To cool down a laptop while using, place it on top of an empty cardboard egg carton.

15.  To remove rust from iron tools/objects, soak overnight in a mixture of vinegar and salt

16.  To stop hiccups, eat a spoonful of sugar

17.  Dab an ice-cube on your eyebrows before you pluck them with tweezers, it numbs the pain

18.  If you like fresh flowers in your room. Put a tea spoon of baking soda or dash of soda water to keep your flowers fresher in the vase.

19.  If you are back-packing with dirty clothes in your luggage, open a small packet of scented soap and keep them in the bag, it will make your clothes smell fresher

20.   And the best for the last, keep your emergency numbers handy by writing it on a piece of paper and keeping it inside the back of your phone next to your phone battery. If your phone shuts down, these will help you contact your friends.


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