“Migration is an inevitable process in human history”


IMPHAL, September 20: Tripura had experienced one of the biggest human migrations in its recent history during the partition of India and Pakistan. Out of the total population of 37 lakhs, the State has now 31 percent of tribal population.

This was stated by Jitendra Choudhury, MP from Tripura of CPI (M). Jitendra today delivering the Jananeta Irawat Memorial Lecture.

The memorial lecture was organised by the Left & Secular Alliance of Manipur, here at Manipur press Club.

He was speaking on ‘Experience of Left Front Govt in Tripura’.

In his lecture, Jitendra recalled that the migration which took place during partition was inevitable because of the historical exigencies. Tripura’s topography, which has international border at three sides unlike any other Northeastern States is also another important factor, he said.

Jitendra continued that because of migration, a demographic imbalance has been created in Tripura, but at the same time migration is an inevitable process of human history.

Highlighting on the history of monarchy in Tripura, Jitendra said one single dynasty ruled the erstwhile small kingdom for 1300 years till 1949.

He maintained that the rulers of Tripura did not think for the welfare of the people, they were contented in their own world.

Their feudalistic character could not serve the people, Jitendra asserted, adding that two important movements sowed the seed for people’s democracy in Tripura- one was the Jana Shiksha Andolan, a movement for education launched in 1945, and the other was the Gana Mukti Parishad.

Jitendra said both the movements were non-sectarian, democratic and left oriented struggles.

After the 1949 accession with the Union of India, Tripura was ruled by Congress govt till 1977. He lambasted that Congress has been playing the ‘chauvinist card’ for petty electoral gains.

Emphasising on the achievements of the left front govt that came to power in 1978, Jitendra said the two biggest feats of the government are in the field of education and land reform in the State.

Tripura has now 98 percent literacy, with a school within one Km radius. Simultaneously land reform was carried out under the Land Reform Act, he added.

Jitendra continued that though there are 19 different tribes in Tripura, not a single communal violence has taken place. But unlike the then kings of Manipur, the kings of Tripura did not worked for the upliftment of indigenous language and culture. This had become an issue of discontentment among the people, its remnants is still present to some extent till today.

JItendra maintained that, however, the left front has been able to win the confidence of the people by its people oriented programmes.

He proudly claimed that Tripura has now surplus electric power, 95 percent road connectivity and free irrigation facility are provided to the people. He said the 73rd and 74th Amendments of the Indian Constitution regarding Panchayati Raj were long ago implemented by left front govt of Tripura in 1978.

During the lecture, ‘Legendary Revolutionary Che Guevara’, a book written by Jugol Sai was released. Leaders of LSA Dr M Nara, Manihar Goswami, Sarat Salam, Ksh Shanta, S Samungou and Kh Gyaneswar were the presidium members of the lecture.


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