Non-violence advocate remembered on birth anniversary


IMPHAL, September 11: The 199th Birth Anniversary of Acharya Vinoba Bhave was organised  and observed jointly by the Sarvodaya Mitra Mandal Manipur, National Youth Organisation Manipur and National Youth Project Manipur at the Manipur Press Club today.

The occasion was attended by Sarva Seva Sangha president Mahadev Vidrohi, Sarvodaya Mitra Mandal, Manipur president professor L Sadananda Singh, Manipur Sahitya Parishad former president retd Professor N Tomba Singh and department of Political Science, Manipur University professor Ksh Bimola Devi as the chief guest, president and guests of honour respectively.

Floral tributes were paid to a picture of the philosopher during the observation.

Delivering a speech on the occasion, Tikendra Bhai Ngangomba said that Acharya Vinoba Bhave was an Indian advocate of non-violence and human rights and is known for the Bhoodan Movement.

Known as the national teacher of India and the spiritual successor of Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave’s religious outlook was very broad synthesises the truth of many religions and work tirelessly for the landless poor, he said.

He further stressed that nonviolence and compassion being a hallmark of his philosophy, Vinoba also campaigned against the slaughtering of cows.

A translated book of Gita Pravachan (Manipuri translation of Vinoba’s “Talk on the Gita” and Gandhi Hatpa (Manipuri translation of Chuni Bhai Beidya’s “ Gandhijiki Hatya” by Tikendra Bhai Ngangomba were also released during the occasion.

Observation on “Gita Pravachan” was given by N Tomba Singh and “Gandhi Hatpa” by prof Ksh Bimola Devi during the occasion.


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