Oinam locals to boycott community grazing groundencroachers


IMPHAL, September 23: The Oinam Tangleihada Oksoi Grazing Ground Protection Committee and Oinam locals have drawn up a joint resolution to excommunicate anyone found encroaching the community’s grazing ground.

A public meeting in this regard was held on September 22, said N Sushildro, secretary in-charge of the protection committee, at a press meet held today at the Manipur Press Club.

Sushildro further said that as per the resolution, the people of Oinam area will restrict the encroachers from buying goods from the shops of Oinam locality.

Furthermore they will not be allowed to travel on passenger vehicles which are run by Oinam People, he added.

He further cautioned that those who are found disrespecting the joint resolution will also have to face social boycott of Oinam locals.

Sushildro also announced the names of the alleged encroachers.

They are: Mutum Kulubabu Singh S/o (L) M Angou Singh from Mamang Leikai, Mutum Aumacha Meitei S/o (L) M Angou Singh, Dr Mutum Mangi Singh, Lecturer CI college Bishnupur, S/o (L) M angou Singh, Mutum Meipak (Delhi) Singh S/o M Hera Singh, Chongtham (N) Oinam (O) Sanahalbi Devi D/o O Chaoba Singh (Laipham Pibarel), Irom Dilipkumar Singh, S/o (L) I Kesho Singh, Naorem Inakhunba Singh S/o (L) N Kulachandra Singh, Longjam Yaima (Longjam) Singh S/o (L) L Khongol Singh, Oinam Rajo singh (Maleithabam) S/o (L) O Iboton Singh, Oinam Joykumar (Tangba) Meitei S/o (L) O Esheihanba Singh.

On behalf of the Oinam Tangleihada Oksoi Grazing Ground Protection Committee (OTOGGPC), he also strongly appealed to the government to look into the matter at the earliest.


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