Sharmila disappointed by lack of public support


IMPHAL, September 5: Anti AFSPA crusader Irom Chanu Sharmila has been remanded to judicial custody by the JMIC, Imphal East today.

Sharmila will be produced before the same court again on September 19.

The concerned court offered to grant her bail on PR bond of Rs 10,000, however Sharmila declined unless it was unconditional release.

Further speaking to some media persons, after the court proceedings Sharmila expressed her disappointment over the lack of support from the people despite her repeated call for mass support.

“With the recent court judgement in her favour and the warm welcome I was accorded with at the Ima market, I genuinely felt very positive about the people’s sentiment towards the cause. Now I am back to where I had begun from and I feel very disappointed and lost as all those attention from the public has been reduced to just a show,” said a sentimental Sharmila.

In response to a query regarding her re-arrest on the pretext of her health status, Sharmila questioned “What kind of human rights are we getting here, if they have failed to understand the hardship of being nose-fed for 14 years though I have not tasted even a single drop of water during the period.”

It may be noted that Sharmila was freed on August 20, following a judgement of a Session Court.

Soon after her released from the JNIMS hospital security ward, an emotive Sharmila’s first word to the media was “I need mass support from my people.”

However, she was re-arrested under IPC 309 attempting to suicide on August 22 despite the session court acquitting her of the same section.


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