Teachers’ assn concerned by govt schools decline


IMPHAL, Aug 31: The All Manipur Government Higher Secondary Lecturers’ Welfare Association has stated that during the meeting held at TG Higher Secondary School on August 30, the association has discussed the issues of the declining government schools in the State.

According to a release of the association, it was resolved to demand the government to sort out the issues of the alarming increase of private schools in the state as a means of business without proper reasons.

The association has also stated that government high schools and higher secondary schools can be rebuilt with proper staffs and regular lecturers. It is also necessary to discuss the issues of the schools with the school head masters and principals for the requirements of the students from poor families and other issues as well, it said.

The association has also appealed to the government to regularize the posts of the part time lecturers and to provide the necessary principals and vice-principals, it said.



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