UCM reiterates stand on territorial boundary ahead of GOI-NSCN (IM) talk

People offering tarpan at Keikrupat.
People offering tarpan at Keikrupat.

IMPHAL, September 28: The United Committee Manipur, UCM today led a host of civil society organisations of the State to offer tribute to the martyrs of the Great June Uprising at Kekrupat Memorial Complex on the occasion of last day of the Langban Heitha Leithaba (tarpon).

Speaking to media persons on the sideline of the observation, UCM president Y Nabachandra said paying obeisance to the departed souls during Langban Heitha leithaba (Tarpon) has been a religious ritual of the Manipuri society since long.

We offer tribute to the departed souls of the 18 martyrs to commemorate their supreme sacrifices for the cause of the territorial integrity of the State, he continued.

Recently a delegation of the NSCN (IM) had arrived at New Delhi and is planning to bring about a solution to the 17 years long unresolved peace talk between the government of India and the outfit, he said.

UCM also expects a positive outcome of the peace talk and is still longing for an amicable solution to the prolonged Naga issue, he continued.

Nevertheless, UCM will fight with all its strength if the proposed talks concludes with the disintegration of the territorial boundary of the State which has been safeguarded for long by the forefathers, Nabachandra continued.

Stating that the UCM has been rejecting the idea of bringing solution to Indo-Naga problem by disintegrating the territorial boundary of Manipur, he said that 18 martyrs had sacrificed their lives on June 18, 2001 for the cause of territorial integrity when the then BJP led NDA government in the centre and NSCN (IM) signed the Bangkok declaration extending cease fire in Manipur.

The BJP led NDA has once again come to power now and is all set to bring about a solution to the Naga issue through talks with NSCN (IM). However, the proposed talk between the GOI and IM should not manage to repeat the 18 June incident, he said.

Regarding ILPS issue, the UCM president, while lauding the step of the State government to bring a solution to the issue through peaceful talk with the agitating ILP activists, he said that implementation of ILP system is a must to protect the minority indigenous people from extinction due to uncontrolled influx of foreigners and non-locals.

ILP doesn’t mean to prevent the entry and stay of the non-locals forever, but to allow their entry under a systematic rule. Government should frame a suitable regulation/rule to check the influx of migrants without further delay, he demanded.


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