ATSUM cautions educational institutions on pre-matric scholarship


KANGPOKPI, Oct.27: The All Tribal Students` Union Manipur (Emboi Serto group) has today cautioned all educational institutions in the State to ensure proper care towards the tribal student in their respective schools in the process of availing pre-matric scholarship.

Emboi Serto, president of the student group, interacting with the media today, has alleged that most of the educational institutions in State show negligence and little concern for the tribal students applying for pre-matric scholarship.

He added that only few schools issue notification regarding the scholarship for the knowledge of the tribal students in their respective institutions.

He alleged that in some schools tribal student were even blatantly denied applying for the said scholarship, which is their legitimate rights, while some were told by the school authorities to avoid applying, saying that it will be of no use.

Further, he alleged that some school principals or headmasters also refuse to sign or give recommendation on the application form, adding that such indifferent attitude meted out to tribal students only solicit differentiation and sow seeds of communalism among the students community in particular and the public as a whole.

In view of such unwelcome treatment of tribal student in some educational institutions of the State, the ATSUM president has cautioned all concerned authorities of the schools not to repeat such treatments towards the tribal students, and ensure effective measures to address the grievances of the students.

ATSUM will also take up initiatives such as taking out inquiries at the educational institutions whenever there are complaints from the students, he added.


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