Battle for Hiyanglam AC: Deputy CM puts Th Chaoba in the crosshairs



IMPHAL, October 12: `People are amused when the State BJP president Thounaojam Chaoba who deserted the Congress after accumulating the best possible benefits criticises the party. He is ill-equipped to criticise the party. Truth be told, he is yet to become the person who can criticise against the party and the words of an unqualified person can be summed up by the proverb that empty vessels make more noise`, stated Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee president Gaikhangam who is also the State deputy Chief Minister.

He was addressing a public meeting as a part of the election campaign for Congress candidate Elangbam Dwijamani who is contesting the bye-poll to the 38-Hiyanglam assembly constituency at the Ireima ground in Sekmaijin Khunou today.

Assuming the people of Hiyanglam to be naïve, the BJP president is making a lot of untenable promises, he continued.

However, people are acutely aware of what kind of a person the BJP president is and with which party he began his political career. Thounaojam Chaoba, an unscrupulous opportunist who have duped people on many occasions and is now acting as holy as a Tulsi leaf, must know that he will be taught a befitting lesson, the deputy Chief Minister said.

There is an instance in which the BJP president has requested to join the Congress again, Gaikhangam said, but his request was turned down as his interminable disposition of defecting from one party to another was well known.

He left with dejection after he was categorically told that the Congress was not an inspection bungalow and there was no place for people like Thounaojam Chaoba who speaks without considering the pros and cons, Gaikhangam added.

The deputy CM said he has lost count of the number of parties the State BJP president has defected from adding that he has re-entered the BJP twice in a short period of time.

Emphasising that the upcoming bye-election is crucial, he urged the people to teach a lesson to the political party which is remorselessly spreading canards by making it suffer a heavy electoral defeat to discourage it from contesting in any polls ever again.

The Congress party will teach a lesson to this political party by making it stay away from the elections forever for casting aspersions on the Congress by alleging that it hasn`™t done anything for the people in the State discounting the various developmental projects it has done in this short period of 12 years, he warned.

It is perplexing how the State BJP president has not noticed the various development works which is obvious even to small kids, he added.

Pointing out that the Congress candidate if elected will be able to take up many development projects during the remaining two years for Hiyanglam Kendra, he urged the people to help elect the party`™s candidate.

The BJP candidate is a wayward individual who doesn`™t know to respect his elders. His late father must be turning in his grave after coming to know that his son has joined another party by deserting the party that he has joined so enthusiastically, Gaikhangam said.

By considering all these factors, the BJP candidate might come third in the bye-poll, he added.

Mentioning that the AITC candidate has also become quite adept at defecting from one party to another even before entering the stage, the deputy CM asked the people to refrain from trusting other political parties and appealed to vote for the Congress.


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