Borbabu appeals for an end to State BJP infighting


IMPHAL, October 1: Former president of BJP Manipur Pradesh Dr H Borbabu has appealed to party members to end the ongoing internal conflict in the party immediately and to concentrate on winning the Hiyanglam AC by-poll.

In a press release, the former Speaker of the Manipur State Assembly said the party needs to win the by-poll election as a gift to the new BJP led NDA government in the Centre.

Immediately stop levelling charges and counter-charges against one another and concentrate on the Hiyanglam by-poll, the BJP Manipur senior leader told his party men.

Desist from levelling any charges and counter-charges against each other both in the media and elsewere, he appealed.

He said the BJP Manipur needs to work harder and campaign in a united manner for the party candidate Maibam Dhanabir.

This is a very crucial and important by-poll from the BJP`™s point of view, he said before adding that winning this by-poll will establish a firm BJP base in the State.

However, the frequent bickering between party men made public through the media has not only damaged the party`™s image but has also unnecessarily exposed the weaknesses of the party, he said in his statement.

He said according to the party`™s constitution and tradition, show-cause notices against any party member should not be published in the media until a competent national authority makes the final decision.

Surprisingly, official copies of the expulsion orders of members from the party`™s primary membership had not reached even the concerned members and the national office, but was published in the media, it said.

Borbabu further questioned as to why so many members were expelled, suspended or threatened with suspension in such a short time that also through the media without issuing any formal order.

He continued that expelling senior leaders of the party who are archrivals of the Congress will not only weaken the party but also facilitate the smooth sailing of the Congress.

The national office is the final authority in taking any kind of disciplinary action against any members and that it has assured that no one is expelled from membership of the party in Manipur.

Therefore, in order to win this Hiyanglam Assembly by-poll, he appealed to all the members of the party to stop throwing charges and counter-charges in the public or in media immediately and to work hard and campaign together, said the press release.


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