CAF & PD clarifies on SK oil allocation


Imphal, Oct 18: There is no disparity in the SK Oil allocation in the third quarter for October to December of 2014 especially forĀ  four dealers of four hill districts, said M Yaiskul director CAF and PD in a press release.

According to the release, the department has received written complaints from people of four districts that they have not received their sufficient quantity of SK oil.

Regarding the complaint from the public of these districts, the State government has accordingly given allocation to some select dealers, who can be trusted, it claimed.

It said the allegations made on the daily papers are baseless and there is no disparity in the third quarter allocation.

It further clarified that the present allocation of kerosene could be reviewed according to the demand of the people, before adding that the department will maintain flexibility in the interest of the people.

The statement further clarified that the director pool reservation of 219 KL has been reserved for Municipal Council, college and University students, electronics and print media fraternity and retired SSB personnel etc., and above all the reservation will used according to emergency needs, it added.


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