Circular – MSAD Joint Body Meeting Resolution


Circular – MSAD Joint Body Meeting Resolution
24 October 2014

20141024 MSAD Joint Body Meeting Election 2014 (Download in PDF format)

A Joint Body Meeting of Manipur Students’ Association Delhi was held today at A-42, FF, Christian Colony, Patel Chest, New Delhi-7, from 3:30 p.m.onwards.

The agenda of the meeting was:

  1. To dissolve MSAD Executive Term 2013-2014 and to nominate a Caretaker to look after the association until a new Executive Committee have been formed.
  2. To dissolve MSAD Election Committee 2013-2014 and to form MSAD Election Committee 2014-2015.
  3. To decide the date, timing, venue and tentative budget of the Annual Election for the MSAD Executive Term 2014-2015.
  4. To decide the last date of submission of the financial report of the Executive Term 2013-14.


The meeting was attended by the following persons:


Sl. No.                    Name                                     Phone                     e-mail

  1. Sashikanta Moirangcha                     9818289594
  2. P. Bankimchandra                              9711791498         —
  3. Karnabir Thokchom                           8860546049
  4. Chetan Khuman                                  7503745861
  5. Herojit Laiphrakpam                         7503234766
  6. Priyobata Irengbam                            9818792022
  7. A. Rohen                                               9910832552
  8. Herojit Wahengbam                           9818792032
  9. Sapam Baniprakash                           9716477215
  10. Ksh. Dayabati                                      9891874178
  11. Samananda Elangbam                      9015959935
  12. Manishwar Nongmaithem                                 9891270695
  13. Balbir Khuman                                    8376889477


Those who have expressed regret for the inability to attend the meeting were:

  1. Elangbam Amit
  2. Malem Ningthouja
  3. Praem Hidam
  4. Shafikul Haque




  1. MSAD Executive Committee 2013-2014 was dissolved. Herojit Wahengbam was nominated as the Caretaker of MSAD until a new Executive Committee have been formed.
  2. MSAD Election Committee 2013-2014 was dissolved. MSAD Election Committee 2014-15 was formed. The following persons were nominated against the respective posts assigned to each name.


Name                                                     Post

    1. Praem Hidam                                                       (Chairperson)
    2. Samananda Elangbam                                      (Vice-Chairperson)
    3. Chetan Khuman                                                 (Returning Officer)
    4. Sashikanta Moirangcha                                     (Returning Officer)
    5. Ksh. Dayabati                                                      Member
    6. Shafikul Haque Makakmayum                       Member
    7. A. Rohen                                                               Member
    8. Herojit Laiphrakpam                                         Member
    9. Karnabir Thokchom                                           Member




  1. Election


    1. MSAD Annual Election for the Executive Term 2014-2015 will be held on Saturday, 8 November 2014 for the following executive posts:


  1.          President
  2.         Vice-President

iii.      General Secretary

  1.       Organisation Secretary
  2.       Finance Secretary
  3.       Public Relations Secretary

vii.      Academic & Magazine Secretary

viii.      Games & Sports Secretary

  1.       Cultural Secretary.


    1. Last date for filing of nomination form and withdrawal of candidature is 5 November 2014. Nomination form will not be accepted after 8 p.m.


    1. The Election Committee will conduct scrutiny of candidature on 6 November 2014 at the Delhi University Garden, near Vice Chancellor Office, Delhi (North Campus) at 4 p.m. A candidate must report for scrutiny along with his/ her proposer and seconder to the Election Committee by 4 p.m.


    1. Oath taking ceremony of the MSAD Executives Committee 2014-2015 will be held on 9 November 2014 at the Delhi University Garden near Vice Chancellor Office, University of Delhi (North Campus) at 4 p.m.


  1. Submission of financial report.

It was decided that the financial report for the executive term 2013-14 must be submitted on or before 30th September 2014 to the Advisory Board.




The meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.


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