EMA Celebrated Ningol Chakkouba 2014 in Europe




Ningol Chakkouba, the most loved festival of Manipuris, especially among meeteis, signifying age old culture of strong bonds between ningols and pibas in the society of Manipur , was celebrated in England on the 11th of October 2014 at Borstal , Kent, England with many ningols from other parts of Europe participating in the feast.

This day is a ningol’s day out when pibas are obliged to invite  ‘ningols’ at their place for  a ‘chaak’, exchanging gifts and pleasantries apart from sharing many fond memories .This festival strengthens the bond of love between brothers and sisters, parents and daughters and friends. This festival reaffirms family ties and values in the society when the occasion re-kindles the love and affection between them.

For the people of Manipur origin in Europe, this festival has become a key to uphold the tradition far away from home, even more strengthening the feeling of oneness and the emotional bonding among the members across Europe. This is a special day to pass on a beautiful culture & heritage to the next generation of Manipuris living in the continent.

The event was closed by exchanging khudols (gifts) , greetings, blessings, and reaffirmations by the participants to celebrate the occasion again with the same spirit and vigour in the next year.

Message from some of the Ningols who attended the occasion              :

Hi All, Me and my family want to personally thank for the NC celebration. Must say it was a grand success. Gauri although don’t speak yet but she was narrating in her language to us about all that happened. She was really excited. My husband Sutharsan also had a very good experience with people, food and above all, our culture. Thanks EMA, for keeping few of our tradition alive even being so far away from our motherland. Promila D. Sutharsan Huidrom .Oslo-Norway

Dear EMA committee and all members, I cannot begin to express my admiration and gratitude for all your hard work and generosity in organising such a fabulous Ningol Chakouba celebration and making us ( Ningols) feel so special. It is indeed an honour to be a member of the ever growing family. Sanjeeta Thangjam, UK.

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the day’ Indira, Germany.

Dear Brothers and EMA committee,
Thank you for organising such a wonderful Ningol Chakauba celebration. We really enjoyed every bit of it. Bijyenti Ireland, Republic.

Released by
European Manipuri Association (EMA)
Website: www.ema-europe.org


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