Frustrated Congress is Howling at Hiyanglam


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A article by Sumatibala Ningthoujam


Volcanic MPCC going to erupt soon. Earlier under the protection of UPA-1 and UPA-2, MPCC has successfully practiced the techniques of hypocrisy and had fooled the public for quite a long time. However, of late, Congress has been gradually rooted out from various prominent states viz M.P., U.P., A.P.,Bihar, Bengal, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Punjab etc. In the recent Parliamentary Election, Congress has been routed so badly that they could not get the post of the opposition Leader even though they had tried their best. No doubt with the formation of Modi-led Congress free NDA govt at Delhi, Manipur BJP has been displacing Congress in the political Arena of Manipur.

Confronting with a surge of BJP’s popularity in Manipur, frustrated MPCC led by CM and Deputy CM is helplessly howling at Hiyanglam. This is nothing but the proverbial Crocodie Tear. As their inherent quality they are always concerned for the public just before the election and forget after the election. Their deep rooted political gimmick should be totally rejected this time. Their muscle/ money power is also not going to help them this time as they can not fool the public all the time. At Hiyanglam our desperate CM said “If Congress candidate is elected in the remaining two and half years, development work would be taken up in Hiyanglam”, implying no development would take place if no Congress Candidate is elected. Being a CM, Mr. O.Ibobi is not expected to have said such an ambiguous and discriminate statement. CM is also infamous for not respecting the assurances/promises he had given to one or the other so called JAC. Even his own party legislatures are highly demoralized since he has not respected the assurances he had given to them. Even if the Congress candidate is unfortunately elected from Hiyanglam, he has to join the Club of Frustrated Congress legislatures as he has no other choice. If we can recognize the signals emitted by MPCC, it will not be an exaggeration to say that the volcanic (Due to the strong repulsive forces interacting among the various sub-groups of MPCC)  MPCC will erupt provably sometime in 2016.

Indomitable BJP. Today world’s leaders are queuing up to work/collaborate with Mr. Modi. With a world class competent leader, BJP’s surging popularity is causing headache for MPCC. It is unfortunate that Deputy CM Mr. Gaikhangam has taunted BJP candidate Mr. M. Dhanabir for not associating with Trinamool congress for which his late father was an MLA. It is well known that in India there are many families from where father and son, mother and son, brother and brother have been affiliated to different Political parties as the Indian Polity/Constitution allows it. For Mr. Gaikhangam’s perusal a few prominent examples are: Vijaya Raje Scindia was BJP while son Madhav Rao Scindia was congress, Mr.Varul Gandhi is BJP and Mr. Rahul Gandhi is INC etc. He has also mocked BJP President Mr. Th. Chaoba Singh as a party hopper who had been admitted twice in BJP in a short time. But there are plenty of leaders getting admitted twice in a particular Party. Prominent example is our Honourable President Pranab Mukherjee. In fact after observing Manipuri film industry openly supporting the BJP candidate at Hiyanglam, Mr.Gaikhangam became nervous and started throwing baseless allegations against BJP which were nothing but a bunch of unconnected hoaxes. Mr. Gaikhangam should better keep in mind the proverb that while staying in a glass house one should not throw stones at others. If someone digs out his antecedent like how he had taken the initiative of realizing the Dream of Nagalim, his political career in Manipur would be at peril. Recalling the alleged EVM manipulations with the tacit consent from UPA-2 during the State Assembly election 2012, his bossism of having 47 legislatures is nothing but the symptom of him losing his ethics.

Regional Party. Trinamool congress is a Bengal based regional party. Simply because of the uncompromising attitude of their leadership, they could not manage to play a role in National Politics and is unlikely to do so in the near future. Presently their so called High-Command in Kolkata is in a big trouble because of their alleged association with Saradah ponzi scam. So they have left MPTC in the lurch. Their low profile MP Dr. Anupam Hazra while campaigning at Hiyanglam after being briefed by MPTC has declared to get AFSPA-1958 revoked if the Trinamool candidate would be elected. However while The Trinamool Congress was a component of the central Govt, the positive approach to their supremo for rising the issue of AFSPA and The Iron-Lady Irom Sharmila had been overlooked. In the same context, their Rajya Sabha MP Md Nadimun Huq during a Trinamool Election Campaign at Langmeidong gave assurance to the public that if Trinamool Candidate is elected, ILPS would be discussed on the floor of the House. Hope the Hiyanglam Electorate will not take this Trinamool Election gimmick seriously. After all, the lack of leadership and severe fighting among local leaders of MPTC are well known to everybody in Manipur.

MPP & MSCP : Instead of campaigning to get their candidate elected, the regional party MPP is concentrating in their cherished strategy for fighting 2017 State Assembly Election in alliance with BJP for their political survival. And MSCP is complacent with just fielding a candidate  for the By-Election justifying their political existence.

Result: Hence analyzing the pros and cons for all the stake holders of Hiyanglam By-Election, it is obvious that only the BJP candidate can bring about development to Hiyanglam at least by reminding the Development Assurances given by the Central Ministers. So this is the right time for Hiyanglam electorate to do everything possible for  getting their only Lotus blooming in Manipur State Assembly.


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