Japanese tourist with suspected Ebola symptoms kept in JNIMS isolation ward



Blood samples of patient sent to Pune lab, results awaited

IMPHAL, October 5: A Japanese national who recently entered the State from Myanmar and having Ebola-like symptoms is being kept in an isolation ward at Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences (JNIMS) with tests results awaited, said hospital officials.

The patient is identified as Kawakubo Yuko, 27 and is now kept at the female medicine ward special ward unit 3 bed no 7 of JNIMS (having patient number 1415011125).

Although nothing could be confirmed at this stage, epidemiologists had sent her blood samples to the National Institute of Virology, Pune yesterday.

The reports are expected to be delivered within 48 hours of sending the samples.

Several tests conducted on her including Kidney Function Test, Liver Function Test, Malaria MP OptiMAL, scrub typhoid anti-body, optimal rapid malaria, complete hemogram have turned out to be negative so far, said JNIMS medical superintendent Dr W Gopimohon.

However, as a precautionary measure, doctors and nurses attending the patient were seen wearing bio hazard suits.

According to Dr Gopimohan, Yuko was admitted in JNIMS around 3pm yesterday.

She was brought in from Raj Medicity, North AOC.

He said the patient was brought to Raj Medicity from Classic Hotel with complaints of high fever recorded to be above 100 degree Celsius.

The patient was examined by a doctor identified as Dr Digen at Raj Medicity and underwent Typhoid test, which however turned negative, he continued.

Further according to the JNIMS MS, the patient`™s body temperature was recorded at 99.4 degree Celsius and blood pressure at 11/70 at the time of her admission to the hospital.

Dr Gopimohan said she was on her way to Nagaland from Myanmar and Manipur was only a stopover.

She had left Tokyo in June for Singapore by air and travelled to five countries in the region including Malaysia and Myanmar. From Myanmar, she crossed over to Manipur on her way to Nagaland, he said.

Her itinerary also included travelling on trains and she had also spent 20 days at Tamu waiting for her visa to enter Indian Territory, he said.

However, the three other countries where she had travelled to from Malaysia couldn`™t be confirmed, Dr Gopimohon continued.

After acquiring her visa she entered into India and checked in at Classic Hotel, however her date of arrival at the hotel cannot be confirmed, he said.

Dr Gopimohon also informed that the Director of Health Services, Manipur had officially intimated JNIMS to prepare for an isolation ward.

However, since isolation ward was not available at JNIMS, two senior doctors Dr Lokeshwar and Dr Biren suggested referring the patient to RIMS which has the appropriate facility, but due to strong instruction from the director, she is being kept at JNIMS.


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