Kakwa locals block road over dice game gunfire incident


IMPHAL, October 27: The Asian Highway-1, along the stretch of Kakwa area under Singjamei Police Station was temporarily blocked today by members of Kakwa Apunba Marup along with the locals, demanding booking of the culprit responsible for firing at a crowd on October 25 Ningol Chakkouba night.

An agitator during the demonstration said that it is unfortunate that the State government is issuing licensed gun to anyone, alleging that gun license can be easily bought with bribes.

Mention may be made that two persons sustained bullet injuries in a fight that broke out over a dice game at Kakwa Bazar at around 8 pm.

Two persons, identified as Huidrom Trilokchand and Huidrom Kanta, received bullet injuries, and are still undergoing treatment at RIMS Imphal.

According to sources, the suspected culprit Laisharm Haridas is also under medical attention at the Shija Hospital, as he too sustained injuries after a crowd stormed the area where the scuffle took place.

Another suspect, identified as Laishram Gopen is said to be absconding.

On the other hand, Haridas’ family has clarified that he was not involved in the shooting.

Laishram Somokanta identified as nephew of Haridas said today at a press conference held at the Manipur Press Club that Haridas was not involved in the gun firing. If he had the gun with him, why would he be in the ICU of Shija Hospital, he asked.

Recalling the incident, Somokanta said that the argument at the dice game originated when one Shanti and his group lost money to Somokanta, the organisers of the gambling game.

He continued that Shanti and his group threatened Somokanta to return what they had lost in the game. After sometime, Shanti and his group asked Laishram Somokanta and his cousin Laishram Apuroa to stop the game but Somokanta and his cousin shifted to another side and continue playing.

He further narrated that later, Somokanta was badly beaten up by Shanti and some locals of Kakwa.

Laishram Farid, also a second nephew of the accused, Haridas, who was also present during the press conference, said that he was passing by after getting medicine for his father and saw that his cousin (L Somokanta) was being thrashed by the locals of Kakwa.

Farid said he pleaded with the locals who were present during the incident to help his cousin but all refused, so he had to rush home to find a means to help his cousin. He further said that he brought his uncle Haridas along with him to rescue his cousin.

Somokanta appealed to the concerned authority to look into the matter and pleaded for justice according to the law.


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