MSAD Invitation: Demonstration on Laishram Sarita issue in front of Indian Olympic Association


MSAD Sarita Demonstration

Laishram Sarita refusing to accept Asian Bronze Medal in protest against dubious judging.
Laishram Sarita refusing to accept Asian Bronze Medal in protest against dubious judging.



Join demonstration before the Indian Olympic Association

To demand justice to the boxer Laishram Sarita


Venue: In front of the office of the Indian Olympic Association, Olympic Bhawan, B-29, Qutab Institutional Area, New Delhi – 110 016

Time: 11 am

Date: 3rd October 2014

Contact: +918376889477 / +917503397558


Dear friends,

Sports loving peoples across the globe have been disappointed when there was injustice to the boxer Laishram Sarita, who had represented India at the 17th Asian Games 2014, held at Incheon in South Korea. Despite her dominance in the semi-final bout on 30th September, the judges have favoured her opponent, who was representing the host country South Korea. According to the Indian coach BI Fernandes, as reported in the media, “It (the judgment) was pre-decided, … Sarita was a clear-cut winner but money (bribery) has talked here … The fact that all the three judges gave it to the Korean clearly shows the result of the bout was decided before the start” Sarita’s fellow boxer MC Mary Kom have also expressed disappointment, “I am shocked and disappointed. Sarita was the clear winner. This (Sarita’s defeat) should not have happened.”


Sarita’s formal protest have been disqualified on alleged technical reasons, as cited by the organisers. What had added to the disappointment have been the lack of timely response and support by the Indian officials, unlike the Mongolian counterparts, who had responded immediately to fight against the similar controversial judgment. Sarita had to borrow money from a journalist in order to lodge a protest. Sarita and her supporters were left alone without adequate support, as if they were not representing the republic of India.


During the medal ceremony on 1st October Sarita stood for justice and continued the protest by refusing to wear the bronze medal. She took the medal by the hands and later on hung it around the neck of Jina Park, who have won the silver medal in the final bout. Sarita’s action was aimed at defending the integrity of sportsmanship and a free and fair world of sports. However the organisers at Incheon had taken a dim view of Sarita’s action. The Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) had begun certain Disciplinary Action Process to review the case, to take up some actions against Sarita in order to cover up the unfair and injustice that have been done to the Indian boxers at Incheon.


We, therefore, appeal everyone to join the demonstration, to express solidarity to Sarita and place before the Indian Olympic Association the following demands:

(1) To tender an apology to the Indian contingents in general and Sarita in particular for having failed to assist her in the time of need.

(2) To immediately institute an official inquiry to investigate the matter and to take up disciplinary action against those guilty Indian officials.

(3) To take up immediate appropriate initiatives to defend Sarita from any disciplinary action by AIBA or OCA or any other organisations.

(4) To take up immediate appropriate initiatives to internationally expose the injustice that was done to the Indian boxers at Incheon and to take up disciplinary action against those guilty officials.






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