Peace and emotional harmony stressed on Ningol Chakkouba

A Ningol with her daughter, riding to reach her parental home on the Ningol Chakkouba Day.
A Ningol with her daughter, riding to reach her parental home on the Ningol Chakkouba Day.


IMPHAL, October 25: Manipur on Saturday celebrated the biggest festival of the Meitei community the `Ningol Chakkouba`™.

As a part of the festival All Manipur Ethical Socio Cultural Organisation (AMESCO), Manipur Nat Kanba Lup (MNKL), All Manipur Art and Cultural Student Union (AMAKSU) and Manipur Shumang Leela Council jointly organised Ningol Chakkouba for all the communities of the state.

The Ningol Chakkouba was celebrated under the theme `Peace and emotional harmony` with the full co-operation and co-ordination of clubs, organisation, association and individuals.

During the function Meiteis, Muslims and 16 other tribes came together to partake in the celebration at Iboyaima Shumang Leela Shanglen.

The celebration was attended by SH Nanda, president, AMESCO, Ph Gunachandra Sharma, president, MNKL, SH Hemanta, general secretary, Manipur State Shumang Lila Council, H Shyamkumar Sharma, president, AMACSU and various other organisation representatives.

While speaking at the formal function SH Nanda said that this was the 21 Ningol Chakouba organised by AMESCO.

Since 1993 AMESCO has been organising with the main objective of fostering love, peace, integrity and co`“existence among the different tribes and communities of Manipur.

He further asserted that since time immemorial hill and valley have been living together in peace and harmony but due distances that developed in the recent times, misunderstanding have cropped up from time to time.

The organisation therefore has been organising the function to bring back love, unity, intimacy and understanding between all the communities in the state, he added.


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