RPF cautions public against AR civic action programme


IMPHAL, October 1: Civic action programmes of the Assam Rifles are deceitful attempt to hoodwink the people of Manipur, public must be careful not to fall into their trap, said a release of the proscribed Revolutionary People`™s Front signed by its secretary publicity, Roben Khuman.

It said civic action programme is an offshoot of `Operation Good Samaritan`™, which was started in June 1995 under army development group of 3 Corps, Indian Army. Its first budget was Rs. 100 million, but it gradually increased manifold and now has been continuing as civic action programme.

Further, it said AR has been on the other hand exposed by Tehelka newspaper on Sept 25, of their involvement in percentage cuts of money from contract works, which only shows how corrupted the Indian army and its allied forces have become.

The statement further said that it is a well-known fact that Indian army, including all ranks and files, who are posted in Manipur have been earning money by wrongful means. For instance, the National Highway No 39 has become AR`™s favourite route for harvesting money. The AR in cohorts with some groups has been looting the trucks plying along the said highway.

It added that AR has been using the surrendered outlawed cadres for kidnapping, extortion, and the public are already aware of its involvement in illegal trades like drug, ganja and alcohol.

The statement elaborated that AR`™s has been committing inhuman atrocities, like a true colonial army in Manipur. It said on August 26, 3 AR terrorised the people of Old Somtal under Chandel District, near Myanmar border after a bomb blast had occurred in that area. The villagers including women and infants were detained at the community ground from early morning till late evening in the rain.

Major Suter, commander of 3 AR post alleged that the bomb blast was carried out by the villagers, and they were not allowed to go outside their village, the statement further charged, adding that three of the villagers were severely tortured.

It maintained that innocent villagers of Yaingangpokpi and Joyland, near Sabungkhok were tortured by AR on Sept 26, following a bomb blast. These atrocities being carried out by the colonial army is to wipe out the indigenous peoples from their own land. The only solution is to strengthen the anti-colonial movement, the statement added.


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