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Techno Spread Like Never Before

By M.C. Linthoingambee

The internet is like the existence of another world that has millions of citizens with no distinction on boundaries. When Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg arrived in India recently, he proclaimed that everyone should have the freedom of access. This generation has lived in world where technology connects people far away and to the remotest corner of the world. It works wonder, yes! But everything has its positive and negative side effects.

Among internet users, E-commerce is one of the most profitable business ventures these days. Its present growth is good and its future and projected growth is tremendous. However, e-commerce in India is required to be conducted in a legally permissible manner. There are also effects brought by the steady growth of technology. In this distinction, online marketing is taking a heavier toll while Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a threat to the domestic markets now. The big names in the game like Flipkart, Amazon, E-bay, etc have finally concurred boundaries that far exceeds thier limits. The recent fiasco conducted for a discount sale on Flipkart is an example of how normal domestic retailers will be face huge losses in the years to come. In keeping up with this online sector, a local initiative from Manipur with mykeithel.com, an online portal site to provide services to the constant number of Manipuris that travel and live out of the state and abroad comes to mind.

E-commerce websites operating in India are required to follow many laws of India including the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act 2000). As per the IT Act 2000, e-commerce websites operating in India are Internet intermediaries and are required to comply with cyber laws and their requirements. With the active use of electronic commerce in India, the electronic commerce dispute resolution in India is also required to be strengthened. The present litigation system of India is not conducive for the growth of e-commerce in India and online dispute resolution in India is more appropriate for such purposes.

When there are several market spheres in question, the physical retail system would soon lose out when everything from normal household appliances to the most recent gadgets are available simply at the click of a button right when we are sitting at home at a cheaper cost. So, what happens when the trans-boundary culture becomes minimal? The role of E `“ Governance is seen as a measure to safeguard a safety net around the growing culture of cyber hacking and so forth. While the entrepreneurs focus mostly on the motive of profit, there are series of ground rules that goes unchecked – online hackers are liable to gain excess to the customers`™ credit cards, debit cards and other security details. The constant outbreak of cyber security is a major issue that calls for strict procedure of registration and compliance. Domain name protection strategy is a great place to begin with considering registration is a huge issue for identifying the distinct nature of a particular business.

E `“ Book purchases guarantees cheaper cost of books that are hard to get delivered to customers in the medium of a soft copy. This practice if left unchecked, can kill the publishing industry of production of books, novels. The sharing of computer software is also killing most of the genuine producers, when they are made available from person to person simply from home through various sites and through peer to peer (P2P) transfer.

A new online market medium is born each day with even local retails funding and looking for ways to keep their product in the sphere of social media since it is well reached by a wide audience. We need to look further and think 50 years ahead of time if we are conduct regulations for the online medium where there is nothing but limited control. Beyond the commercial intent of the internet, there are also huge bugs that travel in the ideal of piracy in subject matters of copyright.



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