Andro schools facing infrastructure shortages even after classes commence


IMPHAL, January 13: Even as the State Education department has issued an order to commence classes in all the Government High Schools from January 12, Poiroukhongjil High School and Moirangpurel High school are facing problems of a lack of text books and other educational facilities.

Students and school authorities of both the schools are demanding that the government must provide facilities under the RMSA and SSA. Students of both the schools are facing various inconveniences due to lack of text books, teachers, infrastructure when the State education department is talking about lifting the state of education in the State to a global standard.

Students, teachers and the school management committee are demanding that their grievances should be addressed within January 20.They have threatened to hold an agitation in New Delhi on January 26 if the concerned authority fails to take positive steps.

A team of media persons which visited Poiroukhongjil High School found that more than 744 students are studying in the school with an additional 200 students being newly admitted. The rush of students from Andro A/C and other areas of Imphal East district have caused an admission overflow.

According to Poiroukhongjil High School Head Master, Mutum Rajendra Singh, now classes in the school are running out of capacity. The school have 25 teachers among which six are being utilised under RMSA and seven being hired under SSA, with two teachers being hired on a private basis. The ratio of the number of teachers is very less in comparison to the number of students present. According to norms, there should be one teacher for every 30 students and a class should have 40 students only. But most of the classes far exceed this norm.

The school authority couldn`t have separate sections for students due to lack of class room, cycle set, computer class and teachers. The school was ungraded to high school in 2014 and this will be the third time that its students will be appearing for the matriculation exam. Most of the new students have joined from other private schools.

Its 32 students will appear in the matriculation exam by attaching to the Azad High School but from the next year onwards, students can appear from our own school, the Head Master said.

Students of the school have urged concerned authorities to provide students their due facilities as most of the students are poor.

Meanwhile, the media team after reaching Moirangpurel High School discovered that students and teachers were given a holiday because students are yet to receive their text books. The school is unique in the sense that it provides night classes to students.

Bimol, the caretaker of the school, said the school resume its session as per the government order on January 12.

Last year, teachers couldn`™t cover the full syllabus as students were bereft of text books. This year also the same problems persist with students facing lack of uniforms, begs, text books, a well furnished computer class room and teachers.


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