Chaoba dares Congress ministers to call the PM `Pakhangsari` again


IMPHAL, January 14: The deputy Chief Minister and the council of ministries must clarify about the allegations that they insulted Prime Minister Narendra Modi by mocking him as `Pakhang Sari Lakle, Mongba Chunge` during his maiden visit to the State while campaigning for the Lok Sabha polls on February last year. Now, they must account for their actions in the coming days, stated BJP Manipur Pradesh president Th Choaba. He was briefing media persons during the reception of three renowned politicians who were newly inducted into the BJP. He also announced the plans for a mega membership enrolment drive.

He said Narendra Modi who is now a global icon was jeered during his maiden visit to the State by comparing him with a bird, `Mongba Chang Lakle, Manipur Loirani`, by deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam who must apologise to the people of Manipur. `The PM was then jeered as a Pakhangsari and we now dare the Congress leaders to call him that`, he added.

`The Prime Minister is a dynamic leader who is respected for his policies both in the country and abroad. Under his leadership, the BJP has not only swept the Lok Sabha polls but has so far formed governments in five states. Meanwhile, the Congress government in the State has indulged in corruption for 13 long years with impunity. The BJP Manipur Pradesh will hand over several corruption cases to CBI for launching probes against such cases in the state by providing incriminating documents against the Congress party` the State BJP chief said.

`The government has embezzled huge funds from schemes and projects sanctioned to the Tribal Welfare department for the development of drinking water, construction of road connectivity, health sectors, and education. The funds haven`™t reached any of the hill areas as the Congress government has distributed those funds in the valley only. Such corrupt practices have created deep fissures between the hills and valley people threatening the emotional unity between them. Now, several scams that involved the ruling Congress will be investigated shortly by the CBI soon. The incriminating documents will not be published to the media now but it will be handed over to the CBI`, Chaoba said.

The CCTVs installed in order to improve the law and order situation in the heart of the City under the Police modernisation policy have failed, he said, questioning whether the government issued genuine tenders during the installation of the cameras. How much money was spent on it, how many cameras, and where they, have been installed, how long did the cameras function and which company was awarded the tender, he asked.

`BJP Manipur Pradesh has acquired all the relevant documents and has found that the government has favoured some individuals. Now, reality can`™t be altered by the Congress government even if they have absolute powers as the documents are in our possession`, Chaoba claimed.

Chaoba pointed out that the State government till date has failed to open police stations and proper outposts with full strength in the hill districts. So, it`™s evident that the government is not able to keep the law and order situation under control, he said, stressing that governance and administration in the hill areas have failed. Police in the hill districts are not armed but operating with batons, he said.

People are well aware about the present condition of Tongjel Maril that leads to Khoupum which is the native village of the deputy Chief Minister and MPCC president Gaikhangam. Even PDS item can`™t be delivered properly to the residents of Khoupum, Chaoba said, assuring that he will soon inspect the road from Khoupum to Tongjil Maril by going on foot.

BJP has a full detailed report of how must PDS items like rice, sugar and kerosene have been taken out from the FCI godown in 2014. Rice meant to be delivered to poor families under AAY and BPL at Rs 3 to 6/7 per kg is found at the marketplace for Rs 17-18 per Kg. The weak governance of the Congress party is leading to such blatant malpractices, he pointed out.

`The deputy Chief Minister who presents himself as representing the clean image of his political party must know the current price of rice in other states of India. He goes about town claiming that he hasn`™t indulge in any corrupt practices during his political career with the Congress. In a very short time, the sordid corrupt track records of the current crop of Congress party will be revealed to the people. People will then know who is corrupt and who isn`™t`, he said.

State BJP general secretary (Administration), M Asnikumar said as a part of BJP`™s membership campaign, a motor cycle rally, a street corner awareness campaign, an institutional and quick campaign will be launched in the State. Now, many states are going through political changes after ushering in a BJP government. Similarly, our State needs a political change and for that, the State BJP needs the support of people.

State BJP general secretary (Media), Laimayum Basantakumar said February 7 has been fixed as the day for the Delhi assembly elections. In this regard, the State president Th Chaoba led team will leave Imphal for Delhi on January 15 to campaign for the party among the Manipuris who are eligible to cast their votes in the Delhi assembly elections. With their support, the BJP will win the elections.


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